Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ok... it's official...

Microsoft has gone crazy...

Basically, 17 yr old Mike Rowe started a website, and got a domain name: mikerowesoft.com. First Microsoft offered him $10 for all the effort he had put into his business (biz cards, advertising, etc...), then Mike made the mistake of asking for $10,000. So now they're suing him, claiming that it was his intention all along to sell it to them, which amounts to "name infringement" in the 25 page letter he got from the lawyers.

I know, I know... you waited all this time for news about me, and I'm telling you about some kid and his legal troubles. Sorry, things have just been crazy around here lately, and since Hugh went back to the states, I've been very busy, especially considering that I'm leaving in 21 days!!!

wow... 3 weeks! To say that I'm anxious to start this next part of my life would be a huge understatement. I'm so used to the "Charlie Brown Syndrome" - things look good, and the ball gets pulled away right as I go to kick it - that I've been especially diligent lately. Not that I haven't already been acutely aware of my surroundings ... you very much NEED to know what's going on around you in an environment like this ... but that hasn't kept me from cranking it up a notch.

I'm really hoping to have time this week to fix up the website so I don't have to do anything with it when I get back to the states. Just post pictures!

Gotta run now, someone else just had an emergency... that's our job: Saving the World, One E-mail at a Time!

Love to all!

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