Monday, November 08, 2004

Relatively uneventful...

My trip back to Kuwait was uneventful, for the most part, especially if you compare it to my previous trip from here... Even though I missed my first flight, was holding the same seat assignment as another passenger on the next flight, my boarding pass was "rejected" on the last flight into Kuwait, and I sat next to an insanely neurotic man for the five hour flight when I was eventually allowed to board... None of that compares in the slightest to my "Wardrobe Malfunction Flight".

So I'm back; been here for a couple days (seems like a week), and rapidly settling into my old routine. The guys I work with did an incredible job maintaining the site, as well as improving and expanding. It seems this site will transition to a more permanent setup, with buildings, instead of tents (!), and they all did a terrific job dealing with the inevitable pandemonium. Unfortunately, I made it back just in time for even more expansion... another month or so and I might have missed the fun... wouldn't THAT have been a shame!?

All those photos we've been promising to get uploaded? Ummm.. yeah... well, they're still on the way. I uploaded several before I left, just need to get the albums in order for viewing. I'd ask Shelley to look at them, but she's still digging out from the move. I just barely managed to make enough room in the garage to park her car ... errr... truck... ummm, well what the hell DO you call it? It's really too small to qualify for SUV (in my opinion), but it's bigger than a car... doesn't really qualify for truck status, and definitely not a mini-van or station-wagon... is it a mini SUV? I don't know... I'm just going off on a tangent here... Post your suggestions, will ya?

I also wanted to post my condolences for the passing of a friend's father. I haven't had an opportunity to speak with John for several years, and learned of his fathers' passing through another friends' website. I barely remember John's dad Leo, but what I do remember was a man that will be sorely missed by many people. Sorry to hear about your loss John, and know that I'm thinking of you and your family half-way around the world.

Love to all, and rest in peace Leo

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