Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fishing is usually boring ...

I think I'll start a new photo album and call it: Things I Saw Today, and You Didn't. Most of my pictures already fit into that category, but more than a few of them are more unique than others.

How's this for a fishing boat?

No, those aren't fishing poles sticking up; those are .50 caliber guns on the back, and a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) on the front. This is just one of the patrol boats that buzz the port here, and I'm sure they do a great job of discouraging the local fishermen from wandering too close.

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday, and Shelley is having a party for him. My mom and dad are there, and I'm sure he'll get plenty of attention from everyone there. I would give anything to be there.

It's also Valentine's Day, another reason to wish I was home. I owe Shelley way too many special days and nights, and they're really starting to add up. I can only send so many flowers and cards before they start losing meaning.

They just completed some work on the house, so Shelley hasn't had a chance to get the computer hooked back up. I'm hoping she'll do it soon so she can send me some recent pictures. I'll get them posted as soon as she does, I promise!

Got to run, love to all!

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