Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Ok, so only a few people knew what a babelfish was... READ people READ! =)

Obviously I didn't get a chance to blog (btw, blog is just a geeky term for posting to this website, just fyi) ... (btw... BTW = By The Way, FYI = For Your Information (unless you're Italian, I just learned today, it means something else... something not nice...)

...where was I? oh yeah...

Today was our first demo of the abilities of the network we're building. The outfit that is looking at this is called SEEBRIG, and if you're interested:

To everyone that I haven't adequately described what I'm doing, basically I'm handling the network administration of a communications network that includes a satellite uplink, HF and VHF radios, and wireless 802.11b networks. Interspersed in the network is digital and analog phones, and field radios/phones. SEEBRIG is a big political pot, with seven countries putting in money AND their own .02, which makes quite an undertaking, and quite an achievement. The network part includes and Exchange server (for email), Dell PowerVault (480 gig network area storage), two servers at both posts, with a sat link between the two and a third point to Turkey. That's about as descriptive as I can be without being both boring and revealing (some parts are company secret, some are government secret).

Have I lost you yet?

Anyway, the demo was resounding success. All of the questions were answered, and the theories proven. Even had a few surprises that made a few of the Turkish military guys go "hmmmmm....!"... not an easy feat, I'm told...

So, I'll post some more indescribably vague pictures, so you can at least have some concept of what I'm dealing with:

Anyway, it's late here, and I've still got a few things to do before I can go to bed. Shelley will be here in two days (YAY!), then we're going to NYC for a couple days. I'm sure we'll have a lot more pics to show off when we get back!

Love to all, thanks for checking in with me!

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