Saturday, April 05, 2003

ok.. time to start posting something
of consequence here. I've got it up and running, going to be playing with the
template a bit, but I think it's to a point where it's useable. Now I'll just
start letting those who would care, know that that it's here...

Today we made a LOT of progress
on the project (partly attributable to the fact that we were the ONLY ones working
in here, as opposed to usual weekday activity), and are starting to make it
look a lot prettier. Right now it looks like a large robot threw up... (sorry
for the imagery).

I also spent a little time working
with a satellite phone rig. This unit is for when you're in the middle of nowhere,
and need to talk to central about aligning the dish. Considering that you're using satellite bandwidth for
the call, it runs between $3-25/minute (so they kinda frown on personal calls).

I got my toolkit the other day,
and I've just got to get a picture of this thing online... it's an amazing collection
of tools.

Also set up my netadmin laptop for
this whole thing. Wireless and touchscreen, with SolarWinds
Engineer Edition installed. Anyone reading this that is even remotely geeky
should be drooling a bit... That's all I've got for now, I'll try to blog something
before I pass out tonight...

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