Sunday, May 04, 2003

Well, despite great praise from all levels, looks like we're still going to be delayed another couple of months. So that means they're going to ship me off with another project in the meantime, and we'll just have to hope that I can get back on this project when it lands in late July or August. Good thing my security clearance hasn't gone through yet, or I might actually be heading someplace dangerous... as it is, I'm tenatively heading to Iraq.

Sounds like FUN to me!! =)

So the plan as of Friday is on or around 16 May I'll head down to Ft. Benning in GA for training. Basically, it's just "Warzone for Dummies (Civilian edition)"

I'll post pictures and updates as often as I can. Since our job there will basically be getting phone and 'net connectivity going, that shouldn't be a problem.

Ok, more to follow!

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