Thursday, October 16, 2003

... for you gamers and website designers out there ...

I know that more than a couple of the regular visitors here are gamers and/or website designers, so I wanted to point you to an amazing site I just found: Naughty Dog, Inc.

As seems to be the norm, problems and projects tend to surface here at roughly the same time, making for interesting days (and nights). The past few days have mostly been "work 6-8 hours", "sleep 4-6 hours", repeat. As you can imagine, this starts to take it's toll on the body, and I'm very fuzzy around the edges right now. I need to crash for about 12 hours soon, but I doubt that's gonna happen before Sunday. Yes, I'm eating healthy, taking my vitamins, and enjoying my work, but the past 96 hours are a blur. Oh well...

Also, for those of you that care, I got a brief - VERY brief - email from Hugh today, basically telling me he's coming back into the field, and will tell me more as he finds out... nothing about his new progeny, which is typical of Hugh, and just irritates the HELL out of all of us. I hope you're reading this Hugh! :P

I just finished "24 - Season 2" ... wow. I know I said I was boycotting Fox Broadcasting ... and in a way I did... I borrowed these DVDs... But this was just amazing! And now I guess Season 3 is starting up. The way they ended the last season I think will make it very difficult to follow (as with the first season), but if you get a chance, and haven't seen the others, tape Season 3 and SEND THEM TO ME!!! I have a lot of soldiers hooked on this show, and they would be eternally grateful, I can assure you!

I also used some of my downtime to work on the photo albums, and will put them up this weekend, en'shallah.

Ok, that's all I've got for now. I've got to get something to eat, since I won't get another chance until late tonight. Love to all!

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