Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thanks for everyone's concern....

I've gotten several emails and IMs from people asking if we're in any danger, due to the bombings in Istanbul, but we're all ok here. Tension's are a little bit higher than they have been in the past couple of weeks, but there have been no real reasons to be concerned for my safety. We are taking every precaution, and being a bit more paranoid than usual ...

I need feedback about the photo I posted yesterday. Was it too big, a pain to change windows, etc?

Today's picture is of a guy in the street that simply would NOT leave us alone. He was trying to sell us kitchen knives, or a keyboard (I forget which one...), and kept yelling at me in Turkish. My mistake was looking him in the eye and saying "no thanks...", and then he would not go away. Finally I just took his picture:

Street Salesman

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