Tuesday, February 10, 2004

... so close ...

I landed in Denver at 2:43pm MST. I left Romania at 7:15am (which would have been 10:15pm MST) ... you do the math, I'm too tired.

I missed a connecting flight to GJ by 15 minutes, so now I'm sitting in the "Red Carpet Club" trying to kill the time until the next flight. I was very close to renting a car and driving the last few hundred miles, but I knew if I did that, Shelley would be a nervous wreck. So... here I sit... and wait.

I flew business class the entire way, except this last 1h15m hop I have to fly coach, in a puddle-jumper. Flying out won't be so bad, because I'll START the in the cramped seats, and finish the trip comfortable; but finishing a trip over over 8000 miles in Oh well, it's worth all this to get home, ya know?

I just talked to Shelley, told her everything is fine. I'll be seeing her in about 3 hours, and fully expecting her to be a "blubbering idiot"... hey... her words, not mine. I know better than to call a pregnant woman who is just DAYS from popping anything but "sweetheart"...

So, for obvious reasons, I'm going to be here very sparsely. I'll start the picture upload sometime this weekend, but that'll be about it until after the new arrival... err.. arrives.

Love to all! Thanks for reading my inane babble!

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