Thursday, February 05, 2004

Time, despite popular opinion, does not "fly"...

... though I'm having "fun" ... well ok, not FUN but I'm definitely not NOT having fun ... Time is definitely slowing down. We're down to 5 days before I'm flying home... and time has nearly slowed to a crawl.

I finally have my final itinerary in hand. (leaving Frankfurt at 12:45pm, landing in Denver at 2:50pm ... a 10 hour flight, and only 2 hours will have passed... now THAT's time slowing down a LOT). Shelley was, of course, relieved that I actually had travel plans.

So I'll upload all my pictures when I get home (and have a real connection). I have a TON of them, and of course will have a lot more in a few weeks. Some of you will want to see what the little munchkin looks like (let's hope he looks more like Shelley than me...)

Love to all!

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