Thursday, September 02, 2004

Home sweet home...

Well, after nearly a week home, I'm barely back to normal. Normal being a relative measure, of course. It's going to take some adjustment, to say the least.

But, so far so good. As a few of you were aware of, I had a surprise planned for Shelley. To say that she was surprised is an understatement...

Suffice it to say that she reacted pretty much as predicted. I'm still allowed to sleep indoors, but none of you should be surprised if I call and ask to sleep on your couch for a day or so.

More on that later...

I actually did get something a LITTLE more practical. It's funny because while I was overseas I drove an Ford F-150, and Mike (one of my co-workers) always said that it brought out the "latent Redneck" in me. Well, I guess it's official now...

... and what true Redneck would own a truck that didn't have at least one side painted in primer?

So besides many, many enjoyable moments with the amazing Ryan (and his amazing mother), that's pretty much been the last week or so. My sleep schedule is normalizing (again, a relative term), so I'm not waking up in the middle of the night or falling asleep in the afternoon. Well, at least not as often.

So all in all, I'm just enjoying the much-needed time off, and the time with family. I've taken a bunch of pictures and video, and I'll get it online this weekend.

Love to all!

PS... FLORIDA! ... ouch

If you want to see some other amazing photos, check this out!

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