Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Pictures...

Thought I posted this yesterday... guess it didn't go up, and I never checked.

Shelley got some pictures uploaded, and there are some great ones in there, including this one, which is my new background:

For some reason that hasn't been explained to me yet, Shelley named this picture "turkey". There's another one called "taters" that looks like he's eating... so I'm wondering if they didn't give him some turkey and "taters" on Thanksgiving... and they wonder why he's growing exponentially...

She also said she got an interesting phone call from "CC", our daycare ... ummm, person? lady? caregiver? I don't know what to call her. She's the wonderful woman that cares for Ryan while Shelley is at work. While I'm at work too, I guess. Anyway, I'll let her tell you about it, on our other 'blog.

That's all for now! Love to all!

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