Wednesday, November 16, 2005

World of Warcrack

me: Hello, my name is Scott...

World of Warcraft Addicts: *HELLO SCOTT*

me: It's been 18 hours since I last logged in to World of Warcraft

WWA: Why so long?

Every free minute, and even a few that I've had to pay for, has been spent on this damn game for the past month. I haven't been this enthralled with a virtual world in a long time. I knew it was going to happen, which is why I resisted it for so long. A friend of mine kept pestering me to check it out, but I knew it was a bad idea. For as long as I'd known him he had scoffed at people that chose to PAY to play something online; outright laughing at their "dumbness" because there were so many FREE things to do online: Counterstrike, Battlefield, etc...

Now he gladly forks over the $12.99 a month to feed his addiction. A few weeks ago, I know he was even considering purchasing ANOTHER account from someone, to get some high level character... Now that he's near level 60 (the current max), I think he's more than content with his one account (and 4+ characters...).

I (mostly) play after Shelley and Ryan go to bed... so it hasn't REALLY intruded or impeded my normal life... though the new fireplace doors have been sitting there for 2 days now... just WAITING for me to choose them over hunting down Horde... Maybe tomorrow...

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