Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Ok, I've been so busy with work and with my "latest news", that I forgot to post and let the rest of you know what's going on... SORRY!!!

Shelley's pregnant!

Ok, so now you know, quit bugging me about it... will ya? =)

Let me head off a few questions before you all start emailing me (again)!

Yes, I'm still going overseas with my job. Yes, I will be back for the birth. No, I don't know what's going to happen after that, but most likely I'll go back overseas to work, and I will try to talk Shelley to come with me (Yes, we're bringing the kid... what kind of dumb question was that? Who asked that? Sit down and shut up...). No, I don't have a gender preference, just the name for a boy... Geoffrey. Beyond that, I'm open to anything. (No, we're not naming the kid Roxana... one of you is enough...)

Mid-February is the guesstimate (and a few of those non-scientific guesses also says it's going to be a girl...), and yet again, Chandler, AZ was a "happening" place for us (it's where I proposed, for you just joining our story, already in progress...)

So what now? Well, I'm shipping out of here in Mid-July (which is what all new expectant fathers should do, or so I've been told), the project I'm working on is still fighting all kinds of international paperwork wars, but we're starting to gain ground. We were told to be on the ground 30 June (so of course we're shooting for the 3rd(ish) week of July. This is the last delay though. If this doesn't fly now, I'm going to be rolled into another project, possibly some place WORSE than New Jersey (if such a place exists). The few places I CAN tell you about are Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

My security clearance finally came through, so instantly I was the most beautiful man at the ball, and everyone wants to dance with me now. I wish I could say that popularity is flattering, but it isn't always...

That's about all I have for now. As you can imagine, the last week has been a bit of a blur, but things are starting to roll. I'll start putting some pictures up here soon... really I will. No really!!!

Love to all!

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