Friday, June 06, 2003

Updates are getting further apart... aren't they?

Just hasn't been much to report here. I managed to get to AZ to surprise Shelley over Memorial Day weekend. It was a nice relaxing visit, despite the fact that Arizona is closer to the sun than anywhere else in the world... (ok, it just feels like it)

Just got an update this morning on a probably timeline. We're planning on being in Turkey the end of June. As always, this is subject to change, but it's looking good. We've been boxing things up, dealing with customs and export laws. It's amazing anything gets done with all the paperwork that needs to happen for these things.

I still have a bunch of pictures to get put up here. Maybe I should put some kind of method for feedback here and you people could bully me into it...

BTW, if you haven't seen "The Italian Job", don't. Just watch the previews a few times, and you'll have seen most the movie. At least the most interesting parts. The dialogue is weak, plot very easy to guess, and the "thrilling" parts... ain't.

More soon (?) I'll TRY!

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