Friday, August 22, 2003

... power outage...

... and it's NOT Ohio's fault... this time. =)

I charged my laptop today, but apparently not enough, because I have less that 5% battery charge. Everyone has already left for the night, and I have no cell phone to call from right now... so... no phone calls tonight. I'm going to pick up a phone tomorrow, and I'll call then.

I've got a ton to post, but not enough juice in this thing to do it! I'll catch up tomorrow night, when I actually have POWER and PHONE to do it with!!!

Thanks for everyone's messages! I'll post my typical smart-ass responses later! LOVE TO ALL!

(PS to Shelley! I'll call you if I can, but I can't promise. If I can't call, know that I'm thinking about you! :^* 143)

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