Monday, August 18, 2003

Technology fails ... anybody surprised?

Actually, it wasn't the technology that was at fault, it was more user error. I left an Audblog last night when I was driving to Ft. Monmouth, but instead of pressing # to save my recording, I just hung up... so about 2.5 minutes of me babbling was lost into the void... probably just as well.

So the gist of my rambling was that I had arrived in NJ (approximately 12 hours after I had begun the journey), and was currently making my way down the Garden State Parkway (a misnomer if ever I heard one: Garden and Parkway to me suggests flowers and serenity... neither of which are accurate here...) to my quarters on base. By the time I got settled into my room, it was about 0130. Another hour or so to wind down and finally fall asleep, to get up four hours later.

... so now I'm writing this on Tuesday, because what I was writing on Monday got lost when our network crapped out while I was publishing. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now to re-do everything I had put here. Since this is the SECOND time I have lost the record of that event, I'll take that as a sign and just forget about it...

Today I'm going to be in NYC all day trying to get my visa for travel. I think it's going to be an adventure, which I will try to relay later tonight.

Have a great day!

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