Wednesday, June 30, 2004

How cool is this?

I got an email the other day from someone who was searching the net for information about where her fiance is stationed. Somehow, searching for Port Shuaiba led her here, and she had some very nice things to say about my site in general, and me specifically! Well you all know how much I dislike praise... (hehe) ... so I felt obligated to do something nice for her...

To add a bit of "gee, what a small world" to this whole thing... her name is Shelley, and she lives in Arizona. For those of you that don't understand the significance, Shelley is also MY wife's name (don't forget the e... which is fairly unique), and Shelley's mom and sister (my in-laws) live in Arizona also...

Kind of a Twilight Zone thingy, don'tchathink?

I did a bit of searching myself, to try to find my site using Google, but didn't have much luck... but I did find a couple links to sites that have done a MUCH better job of describing the surroundings than I ever have... check them out here, here, and here

Anyway, thanks for visiting, Shelley --- not you Shelley, the other one ... ok, it's not funny anymore... :P

So now that my viewing audience has grown by one (bringing the total to about ... umm.. 7?), I'm inspired to start posting a bit more frequently... my energy level has waned a bit here, and I'm running out of interesting things to say. Why do you think I resort to Calvin & Hobbes cartoons so frequently? Speaking of which:

Something else occurred to me the other day... I've got a TON of those C&H cartoons on this site... but no easy way view them without reviewing all my old posts. I wouldn't subject you all to having to sift through my rambling just for a fix of C&H, so here's all of them on one page... How nice am I?

Love to all!

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