Monday, May 09, 2005

Where to begin?

I've got so many things I want to do, I hardly know where to begin. And when the thing you want to do the most is "Absolutely Nothing" ... how do you start?

Yesterday was Mothers Day, and Ryan and I took Shelley to the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens & Butterfly House and then to lunch at her favorite place... no surprise there, I'm sure.

I got a lot of pictures of both of them, and I'll be putting them up in the next couple of days.

Also, I just have to share with you how very cool my wife is; I know I've always said she was, but I never knew she could be THIS cool. I've been trying very hard not to rant too much about the Serenity screening I went to last week, because I know she's been more tolerant than I deserve about the whole thing. I will be posting my take on the movie soon enough, but wanted to share the things that are more important to me since I've gotten home, and just haven't had the time to do it yet.

I asked Shelley if she had any desire to see the new Star Wars movie that's coming out next week, and she said (and this is what I think is so cool about her) that she'd rather watch them all together. Like back-to-back. So she wants to watch the "first" two on DVD, go see the third one... then come home and watch the next three on DVD. That's like 10 hours of Star Wars that she wants to watch... how many guys are lucky enough to have a wife that's WILLING, let alone WANTS to watch that much Star Wars?

Hmmm... maybe if I made her watch Firefly like that she'd be a little more excited about it... I know, I know... that's my own fault. She's sick of hearing about it...

So that's all I wanted to say for now. I'm trying to get back into a "normal" routine, and my wife is amazingly cool. I'll get some new pics up soon... and Happy Belated Mothers Day to all that qualify!

Love to all!

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