Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Counting down...

Well, yet another countdown in my life. We're going to be flying out in the next 24 hours, and will be gone for about a week. I'm taking just enough tech toys to get my email and post the occasional picture to the blog. I'm sure we'll get a ton of pictures, so check back over the next couple of weeks!

Shelley's mom got into town last night, and is all set to spend a week with Ryan. We'll be giving her a crash course in Ryanese tonight, so she can at least understand what he's talking about half the time. His vocabulary gets bigger every day, and is just amazing to us. He's saying "love you" now, though it's a little muffled.

Nothing more to report really at this time. I apologize for my lack of posts and pictures lately. I just haven't had much going on, other than the mundane everyday things ... don't take that the wrong way though. I'm perfectly content with that! My life has been enough of a whirlwhind in the past couple of years. I'm really enjoying the downtime.

Love to all!

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