Tuesday, September 27, 2005

3 days left...

Only 3 days left, and the movie will be out.. and my wife will be so relieved... She's endured so many years of me going on and on (and on .. and on) about Firefly. Serenity is here, and as happy as I am to see, I'm sure she'll be happier to see it gone...

... until the DVD, of course.

Anyway, I was just removing the double post from a couple days ago, and was checking out the Serenity website to see what they're doing to celebrate the countdown, and they've completely revamped it. It's INCREDIBLE! And I don't mean from a "Firefly fan/geekboy" perspective, but from an appreciation of the website design! I love Flash sites that are done well, and this qualifies. Check it out (make sure you've got Flash installed).

I also found a nice poster for my background:

3 more days people... DEAL WITH IT! :P

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