Thursday, March 23, 2006


She was on the third stair. well but... Or is it only wishful thinking?

Defense was able to show dozens of other occasions when Annie had entered the ward and nothing untoward had happened.

Please God, no more, wasn't it enough she killed the phone? "Uh-uh,?he told her. "Annie,?he said patiently, "this is no big deal. For a moment he could breathe again.

It was quarter past six according to the clock over the range, and while there was no reason to believe she was any less sloppy about her clocks than her calendars (the one out here had actually made it to May), that seemed about right. But she didn't come and there was no way he could bear the rotted ache in his left leg.

Any of that make sense? Of course not, it's not meant to have any real meaning... It's how the spammers get their junk past all the filters and into your mailbox. This was part of an email where the ad was an image, so the filters never saw them trying to sell their crap to me; it only saw the above junk... which is why spam filters will ultimately always fail.

Just a random rant for you all...

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