Wednesday, March 29, 2006

She did it... AGAIN!

Shelley won another radio contest. Two contests, actually... but we can only use one of them.

So here's the story: Shelley had been telling me for weeks that she was registered for this contest to go to a resort in Laughlin, NV. She even wanted to discuss how to plan the weekend; who would watch Ryan, did we want to use it for our anniversary trip.. etc. I thought she was nuts to want to expend energy planning something that she had to WIN first.

You wouldd think I would know better by now.

She calls me last Friday... "We're going!!!". I don't know HOW she does these things. Actually, I do now... Someone that works in her building told me she carries around a little radio... Now THAT's something I need to get a picture of...

Anyway, there were two radio stations running a contest for the same package (it's flight and hotel, and on the same day), so of course she managed to get registered for both of them. And Sunday she got a call telling her she had won the other one too, because the original person they picked couldn't go. She had to tell them that we couldn't go either... hehe

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