Monday, March 14, 2005

I have a funny feeling that this comic is a fairly accurate prophetic vision of my future... anyone want to bet me?

So, I've been found this great software for organizing photos, especially if you want to share pictures via email or on a weblog. I've taken over 2000 pictures, and have done a very poor job of organizing them. I know, you're all just shocked.

The software is Picasa; it's created by Google, and it's free. Those are both very good things. Also, the software interfaces with an application called Hello, which is an messenger application that allows users to easily share pictures.

I've used several different graphics programs, but none of them are as user-friendly as Picasa. It does a great job of finding all the pictures on your computer, and organizing them in a timeline, and allowing you to label pictures for easy recall. You can also create photo CD's, screensavers, collages, posters, prints... and the list goes on. If you're a camera-happy person ... like a new Grandma tends to be ...

Speaking of which, apparently I'm an uncle now! My brother, Shawn and his wife, Diana has a baby girl on Saturday. Her name is Kiera, and she weighed just under 4 lbs, and measured 17 1/2" long! I'm sure we'll start getting some pictures soon, and I'll pass them on.

Well, need to go. Carl (my digital crack dealer) just showed up for work with two more episodes... I'm having serious withdrawl symptoms, and I need a fix.

Love to all!

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