Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Why do I love Mike?

Mike is my other co-worker here, and I'm sure I've expressed my respect for him in previous posts. He's an intelligent person, and enjoys arguing as much as I do... and he's almost as good as I am at it too... almost.

Anyway, after Carl and a fuel truck failed to occupy the same space at the same time, we were issued a replacement vehicle... a Ford Mondeo ... which is like a Ford Tempo, only not as nice. We knew this was just a temporary replacement until they could procure us a new vehicle, and we expressed a desire to get another pickup truck, because of the myriad uses we'd found for our recently deceased one...

Eventually, they delivered us a Chevy 1500 Z-71. The list of things wrong with this thing are too numerous to document here (not to mention boring), but when I arrived to work tonight I asked Mike to send another email to our regional staff describing the latest discovered defect. Here's the letter, and the reason I love Mike:

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