Thursday, March 03, 2005

Just another day?

The days seem to run together after awhile; working long (and strange) hours, changing sleep times, depending on what I want to try to do during my downtime...

Today was no exception, but I got to do a couple of things out of the ordinary. One of Shelley's co-workers has a husband on his way to Iraq, and he is in Kuwait for a couple of days. When I was home in the fall I talked to him a little bit about working overseas, and despite all my warnings, he did it anyway. Some people just never listen... hehe

Anyway, we finally managed to get together today, and I took him and a couple of his fellow workers on the "500 fils" tour of Kuwait, giving them my limited knowledge and understanding of the local culture. I can tell that they weren't impressed...

However, the highlight of this tour was we went up into the Kuwait Towers. I've posted several pictures of them, but have never managed to take the time to actually go up. Here they are from the outside:

And this is from the top of the tallest one, looking down at the smallest one:

For the record, there are three towers. The tallest one has an observation sphere in the top, and a couple of restaurants in the middle. The second tallest tower has a single sphere, and holds a million gallons of water. The smallest one has no sphere, but has two bathrooms at the base... seriously.

I got a couple of good shots in this area few weeks ago, but here was a hair (!) inside the camera... looks to be an eyelash. I haven't taken the time to touch the photos up yet... but not all the shots were ruined. There's a fishing pier down by Chili's (yes... they have a Chili's) on the beach:

... and here's the pier from the towers...

... also, down at the same beach:

When I first saw this sign, I thought it said "Grilling is Propheted" ... like it was some kind of Divine BBQ site or something...

I'll get all the photos uploaded and into an album, but wanted to give you a glimpse of my recent events...

Mobile PC Magazine just released "The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time" list... very interesting stuff!

That's all from now!

Love to all!

(In case you didn't know, or don't recognize me... I'm not the short one...)

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