Thursday, July 31, 2003

... and the GEEKS shall inheirit the EARTH!!!

I just couldn't resist. I'm at Denver International Airport, with about an 1.5 hours to kill. There are banners in all the terminals saying WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS... so of COURSE I've just got to check this out. Fire up the laptop, scan for wireless LAN, and there it is... Connect ... and ... oops ... enter your credit card number... sigh ... $9.99 for a 24 hour period. It's not really WORTH $10, but I just had to do it once to see how it was setup. (not to mention the fact that I'm probing their network. I'll probably get busted for cyber-terrorism or something. Now that I've typed THAT, there's probably several FBI agents being dispatched to my location... I'm downloading a rather large file right now, and it's coming in at 148KB/sec ... not bad!!!

(hmm ... a bunch of phones are ringing around me now... that must be the Airport IT/IS Department wanting to know who is running a portscan... hehe)

So anyway, I'm almost home! I'm sure that any approach I make towards the laptop in the next 24-36 hours will earn me at the very least a disapproving glare, most likely a heavy object tossed at me. Yeah, you all think Shelley is this sweet little innocent girl, but remember she's got all these hormones raging through her right now...

So, I've still got 45 minutes to kill, so I guess I'll check in with my Puzzle Pirates, since I won't be able to play. A few people told me they had blocked new accounts, but one of my buddies got on the other night. Keep checking your email, this thing is really fun!

UPDATE: Looks like I might be in Denver a little longer. Oh well, another few hours, and another free round trip ticket. woohoo! At least I'm getting my $10 worth out of this 'net connection.

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