Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Just. Plain. Weird.

One of the more amazing things (in my opinion) about the Internet is the fact that it gives us access to images and information we might have otherwise gone our entire lives without ever experiencing... and that's a good thing, right?

Warning: That experience is something that some people may wish they had NOT experienced. The design of the website is amazing, the content is... umm ... questionable.

Also, it's been a while since I gave anyone my movie reviews. I've been renting (and copying ... shhh....) DVDs like crazy lately, since I got my new DVD burner. I have this vision of us stuck in some tent in the middle of the desert, watching movies... It's not going to be anywhere near that bad (we've got a line on an apartment in Turkey already, with broadband 'net access...), but I just want to be PREPARED for long stretches of NOTHING to do... ya know?

So, here are my latest picks and pans. First, I finally got through Gangs of New (Yawn) York. Scorsese has never overly impressed me, but this is arguably the most boring thing I've ever seen. The sets were beautiful (tho rather smallish), and I'm sure most everything was technically and historically accurate, but there was just nothing of substance to hold my attention. I didn't care what happened to anyone in the movie, and was happiest when it was over... The only tick on the Emotion Meter was the very last scene, as it showed New York city with the Brooklyn bridge in the foreground, and the city evolving in the background through the magic of timelapse photography. When I saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center there, I felt a pang of sadness. If it had forwarded once more and they were gone, it would have been a lot sadder.

The most interesting movie I've seen (rented) was Equilibrium. I rented this solely based on a movie poster in the window quoting some reviewer, "Forget the Matrix...". Halfway through the movie, I realized that I had heard about this movie from other sources (specifically about "Gunkata"), but had never seen it. Basically it's set in a future where society has banned all emotions, to prevent wars and crimes. They enforce this "sense crime" by mandatory medication at regular intervals, and execution of "sense offenders". It won't make you "forget The Matrix", but it's definitely an interesting movie.

Tears of the Sun... no wonder the Sun was crying. Very un-interesting, wait for it come to cable TV.

Windtalkers - Great story, beautiful cinematography, great acting.

Phone Booth: Worth renting, but I'm glad I didn't see it in the theatre.

... more when I think of of them...

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