Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Welcome to Monday (Day 2)

This is going to be a long week, I can tell already...

I've found two things that have made my time on the 'net less wasteful... ok... it's still wasted time, but at least it's more productive, if there is any truth to be found in THAT statement...

Anyway, Google has a toolbar that you can add to your browser, and it does a lot of useful things. (Sorry Netscape/Mozilla users et al, it's Internet Explorer only.) Obviously, it adds a "search" field so that you can search Google without having to do anything "extra" (ie, Open New Window, Go to google.com, search keywords, etc). You just put your keywords in that field, and it will spawn a window for you and show your results (set in preferences).

But that's just the first of many useful functions! It also has a pop-up blocker! Some of the pop-up ads still sneak around it, but it blocks 95% of the annoying BUY ME BUY ME crap that some sites think will make them solvent...

In addition, it has a quick-button to their News (searches like 4500 news sources and compiles them on one page, categorized), Autofill (remembers your info, highlights fields it can "autofill" for you when it recognizes them), and it's all very configurable. Get the toolbar HERE. I would recommend getting the 2.0 version, even though it's still in beta (testing release).

The second thing I've added to my browser is the Dictionary.com toolbar. This only adds a field to enter words, and a quick link to their Word of the Day, but it adds the ability to highlight any word in your browser, right-click, and search the dictionary for that word... very useful for those pompous people that use big words to seemingly aggrandize (Word of the Day for today... seriously) their intelligence.

I've added a counter to the bottom of this page, so I can get a better idea of what kind of traffic I'm getting here. It's starting to grow, yet no one is using the Comments feature at the bottom of every post!? Come on people, I know a lot of you have useful and witty things to say (with the possible exception of Micah (see Tag-Board at left...)), so start giving me some feedback! (Don't forget to allow pop-ups on this page, if you're using my Google toolbar suggestion... what do you mean you don't know how??? sheesh... just click on the button that says ## blocked, where ## is the number of pop-ups it has blocked for you so far.)

That's all for now, I got the FTP thing figured out, so I'll start uploading things today. Thanks for stopping by!

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