Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Telemarketing group sues FCC

Telemarketing group sues FCC? Can you believe that they're suing because they aren't allowed to make UNSOLICITED calls??? I really hope a judge not only throws this crap out of court, but slaps a fine on them for a frivolilty (no, that's not the Word of the Day).

The countdown is on, two more days and I'm going home! I'm really looking forward to the downtime, the time to spend with Shelley and the tadpole... actually, I guess we really can't call it that anymore (Pregnancy - 11 weeks).

I found a VERY interesting way to pass the time, especially for you puzzle people. It's an "online community" called Puzzle Pirates. Basically you get to run around and chat with other people in a virtual world, and say things like "Arrrr, Ahoy me mateys", challenge others to swordfights, sign up for duties on a ship that goes out pillaging, and such. The interesting part is that for every "job" or "fight", there is a puzzle you have to play: Tetris, Bejeweled, Othello, etc.. all with their own unique "pirate" theme. It really is a blast, and I'll post some screenshots. I've sent a couple of people there, and they said that they were told that it wasn't allowing new registrations, but I was told the same thing, then got a "welcome" email a few minutes later. Sign up and keep checking your email!

I've got some movie stuff that I'll post later. Gotta run to work now!

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