Sunday, September 14, 2003

...just been busy!

Just been too much going on to post lately, and since I didn't get to put up the pictures yet, I just haven't been all that motivated. I'm really going to make the effort this week. REALLY!

Moved into my new apartment. It's in the same building, but it's a 3 bedroom, so that my team can all be in the same apartment. Makes things a little easier logistically.

I got to walk on one of the HUGE Navy freighters today. Words and pictures just can't describe how big these things are. Imagine a warehouse... now imagine stacking four or five of those on top of each other, then wrapping all of them in steel, and floating this out to sea. They have huge ramps inside so they can change the loading levels, and this one (the USNS Dahl) has a "weatherdeck", Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Golf decks... all loaded with trucks, humvees, tanks, APCs, etc... it's just amazing.

I'll try to post more later when I'm at home.

Love to all!

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