Thursday, September 25, 2003

You won't see this on CNN

Here's something you don't see everyday... at least I HOPE not:

Also, another story that I don't think I've related to you all yet... this one comes from one of our guys working a site "up north" (everyone just says "up north", no one around here just says Iraq... dunno why).

Anyway, this guy has been working in Iraq for the past 3 months. He's been in and around Bagdhad the majority of that time. His impression of Iraq is a bit different from what you hear on CNN (or so it seems to me). He felt comfortable enough to bring his wife and child to visit him, and spent a couple days playing tourist. Everywhere they went were people smiling and waving to him and his family, some even yelling "America!!!". Places that he visited that normally would charge an entry fee (like parks and zoos), let them in for free, because they were obviously Americans. People would shake his hand, and though a lot of them don't speak english, it was clear to him they felt gratitude for what the USA had done, not the hatred the media seems to want to only portray.

Another thing he described was an advertising campaign that was seen on all the city buses and billboards. It was a picture of an Iraqi citizen hugging a US soldier. The caption read: "WE will NEVER forget!"

Just another POV, ya know?

More later, love to all!

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