Wednesday, September 03, 2003

More Surreality...

... so after we finally got out of here last night (this morning... umm.. a few hours ago), I was running one of my teammates to get something to eat, because he had to go back, and he just couldn't bring himself to eat another MRE within a 24hr period... (he's ex-military, so I guess he's had his fill...)... ANYWAY ....

We're sitting in a KFC (open 24 hours), and I'm eating a "chicken strip combo meal", and another wave of surreality hits me... there's islamic music (basically a singing prayer or something, no actual musical instruments), and I'm looking at the equivalent of my "biscuit" : a hamburger bun ... seriously... looking at wallpaper of Colonel Sanders, surrounded by Arabic lettering ... looking at grown men holding hands or wrists (I'll explain that sometime too... definitely WON'T be a PG-13 post).

Ok, back to some semblance of normalcy:

Another Classic Calvin

Appropriate for my current locale

The Calvin Decade

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