Saturday, September 06, 2003

Sunday mornng = Tuesday... ?

In Kuwait, Thursday and Friday are the equivalent of Saturday and Sunday in the US. Wednesday night is a madhouse around here; you have to make reservations for dinner at most places, and the traffic is quadrupled. You can hardly find anything open on Thurs/Fri, so you have to plan accordingly. Of course, sometimes we have to deal with vendors in other parts of the world too, and they have their "weekends" on Sat/Sun... Needless to say, it sometimes takes planning to coordinate all this....

So today is Sunday (US equivalent of Tuesday), and I've got to run down to Nerdvana (Hawalli) to pick up some computer supplies. I went to the Sultan Center (Kuwaiti version of Wal-Mart... seriously people, I don't make this stuff up...), and spent WAY too much time explaining to the people what I needed. I would venture a guess that NONE of you have ever had to describe "canned air" to an arabian... Picture me pantomiming a spray can going "pfffffft" to five different people.

I want that thirty minutes of my life back!

So, I'm posting this from my apartment, hopfully it will actually stay connected long enough to post and download my bloated mailbox in Colorado. I've been using a web interface to look at my mail, but it's very slow, and has no real way to sort the crap from the stuff I care about.

That's all for now! Hopefully the connection will still be up when I get home and I can actually get some pictures up here!


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