Thursday, September 18, 2003

Still here...barely!

Ok, sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I was doing SO good there for a while too, wasn't I? I actually attempted to post something a couple days ago, but the 'net connection died, and the post was lost, and I just haven't had the time or energy to put something back up.

Basically, I got to work Monday morning around 7am, and have been in crisis mode ever since. The virus definitions on several of the systems here were very outdated. I had assumed everything was current, but that's a bad assumption to make. So since then I've been working about 18 hours a day trying to get all the systems uniform and current. Should be a lot easier than it has been, but last night was the first night I got more than 6 hours sleep in the past 96 hours.

I have to fly to Bahrain in a few days, something to do with my visa only being good for 30 days before I need to renew my entry stamp. It's a bit of a R&R trip too, since they actually have alcohol and pork (two forbidden things in Kuwait). I'm planning on having several large pork chops and a few beers. =)

That's all I've got to report right now. I'm still planning on getting those pictures up, really I am! I need to get it done so that I don't have to spend hours uploading stuff.

Here's something to appease you all in the meantime:

I'm sure it's too big, and will cause most of you to have to scroll to the right, but that's just too bad! I'll get it fixed this weekend!

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